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Bimester 1, Week 3...Sep 1 to Sep 5

Bimester 1, Week 4...Sep 8 to Sep 12

  • •due for Mon• Finish SIX of the Chapter 1 Reading Notes (View).
  • •due for Tues• Finish Ch 1 Reading Notes (View). Rough Draft of Annotated Diagram (View)
  • •due for Wed• Chapter 1 Test: Native Americans (Study Guide). Final Draft of Annotated Diagram (View).
  • •due for Thur•Final Draft of Annotated Diagram (View).
  • •due for Fri• No new homework.



    • "Chapter : The Native Americans." History Alive! The United States. New York: National Curriculum Institute, 2002.
    • Various Internet Sources...to be found by individual students depending on specific topic.


    • Chapter Test, Date to be announced.
    • 1.2-1.4 Reading Quiz
    • Chapter Reading Note Journal Entries
    • Other Assessments


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