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Bimester 1, Week 4....Sep 8 - Sep 12

Bimester 1, Week 5....Sep 17- Sep 19

  • •due Mon• No school.
  • •due Tues• No school.
  • •due Wed•Finish ISN 0201 (View). Read and complete section 2.2 notes about's Spain's empire in the Americas.
  • •due Thur• Finish ISN 0202: Answer the map questions on page 21 of text.
  • •due Fri• No new homework.

Bimester 1, Week 6....Sep 22- Sep 26

  • •due Mon• Finish ISN 0203: Myth Debunking (View).
  • •due Tues• Read and complete section 2.3 notes: Spanish Borderlands.
  • •due Wed• Read and complete section 2.4 notes: French Settlement. Bring Spanish Mission artifact interpretation materials.
  • •due Thur• Finish Artifact Analysis Report from class. Write 3 differences and 3 similarities between French and Spanish settlement in the Americas into your notepacket.
  • •due Fri• Read and complete Section 2.5 Notes: English at Jamestown.

Bimester 1, Week 7....Sep 29- Oct 3

  • •due Mon• Read and complete Section 2.6 Notes : New Netherlands.
  • •due Tues• ISN 0204: Review Assignment (Download in Word). TEST: Chapter 2 - Cultures Collide (Study Guide).
  • •due Wed• Historical Marker (View).
  • •due Thur• No new homework.
  • •due Fri• No new homework. Will finish video and guide in class (View).



    • "Chapter 2: European Exploration and Settlement." History Alive! The United States. New York: National Curriculum Institute, 2002.
    • Loewen, James W. "1493: The True Importance of Christopher Colombus." Lies My Teacher Told Me. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007.
    • Loewen, James W. "The Truth About the First Thanksgiving ." Lies My Teacher Told Me. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007.
    • Zinn, Howard. "Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress." People's History of the United States. New York, NY: Harper Collins, 2001.
    • Various Internet be found by individual students depending on specific topic.


    • Chapter Test, Date to be announced.
    • Creative Project Assessment
    • Other Assessments



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